Consider the Index Card

I’m not sure how much indexing I do or do not do on a given day. However, I believe I could benefit from carrying index cards.

The problem

I currently keep two stacks of non-stick post-it sized papers.

The first stack is the clean stack, each sheet is held together by glue on one side making many into one, if this stack had its original number of sheets it could be sold for a penny at a garage sale. The second stack is my perpetual inbox, each sheet consists of some n number of thoughts with no intended relation and in no particular order. I occasionally go through the second stack and bin the thoughts into three categories: stay, eject, archive or act. Stay means it stays in the stack, eject is trash, archive usually means digitize and act means do something like send that email or return that videotape to blockbuster.

The next iteration

One stack of index cards.

The plan for this mega stack is to have the inbox cards on top of the stack and clean cards at the bottom of the stack, two stacks within one stack. To begin a new thought I simply need to move a card from the bottom to the top. The beauty of the plan is three-fold: no glue, two sides one ruled & another unruled, and larger than post-its but still pocketable. Keep in mind that the lack of glue is the key innovation here, if this experiment is a success I will have to conduct a full review of the role glue plays in the objects nearest to me.